My first blog post – being a vet

Historically, I have never been a fan of blogs.

I have always thought society should spend less time looking into other people lives and more time living their own. However, since becoming a vet (almost a year ago), I have realised the educational power that a blog can have.

Everybody has read a blog at some point, and inevitably you will have (at least once) come away wondering why you just wasted the last 5 minutes of your life reading about ‘Ellen’s carrot cake attempt’ or  ‘Joe’s new gym tips’.  You will also have read several angry rant blogs, a few from your friends cat, and maybe one written after several drinks. Occasionally, you might find an interesting blog that gives you valuable information or insight into a world you didn’t know a lot about, and of course, I would like to write a blog more like the latter.

I am a veterinary surgeon from the UK who graduated in 2016 from the Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. I spent the first 6 months after graduation in South Africa as a Wildlife Vet – darting game, anaesthetising Rhino’s, catching Giraffe, stitching up Lions… you get the gist.

Now I work in Birmingham in the UK, catching feral cats, squeezing anal glands and castrating aggressive dogs. Its a big change, but I LOVE both jobs. The long term goal is to go back to South Africa when the right job comes up and my visa is accepted, but for now I am enjoying the up’s and down’s of small animal practice.

Being a vet isn’t just about cuddling puppies

So the reason for this blog is rooted in the fact that I enjoy small animal practice so much. Its simple, I love animals. I love their simple existence, their personalities, their ability to love unconditionally and believe you are the greatest human being in the world.

However, small animal practice isn’t all about cuddling puppies and vaccinating kittens. Being a small animal vet makes you a guardian of a member of the family, or an elderly persons only friend, a friendly face for an abandoned or mistreated animal, and a lifeline for the sick and injured pet. Its not an easy job… but nothing easy is ever worth doing.

It’s a common occurrence for people to complain about veterinary fees, my ‘extravagant’ wage, dispute my opinions and scientific facts. Sometimes my clients wonder if I care for their animal at all or whether I just want to make money from ‘Max’s ear infection’. Actually, all I and my colleagues do care about is your animal.

This blog is intended to give members of the public and insight into life as a vet, the decisions we make (and why we make them), the problems we face and how we can work together to care for your pet.

***My blog is limited exclusively to my own thoughts and opinions and does not reflect those of anyone else or my employers***
Alfie my cat – he goes to the vet too!

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